Benchmark Instructions

Before you start downloading, there are two download versions available.

One for CS5. Start by downloading the zip file by clicking on this link:

(for CS5 up to 5.04 only)

or the other one for CS5.5 and CS6, which was made specifically to avoid problems introduced by the new CS5.5 version.

(for CS5.5 and CS6 only)

The links look similar, but link to different files with different instructions. The tests are the same however.

By downloading PPBM5 (above), a 122+ MB zipped file, you will get a Premiere Pro CS5 project file that can be used to measure the time it takes to:

  1. Render the PPBM5 H.264 project timeline.
  2. Export (encode) the H.264 sequence with AME.
  3. Export (encode) the MPEG2-DVD sequence with AME.
  4. Export (encode) the Disk Test Sequence with AME.

The zip file also includes a timing/information gathering script which writes the Output.txt file, which will enable the addition of your data to a database after submission, and will be published on this site for comparison purposes.

Complete directions are included in the ZIP file. Create a directory called PPBM on your Premiere project disk and download the PPBM5 file and unzip it in that directory. Caution, this PPBM5 is radically different than PPBM4 so carefully read the included Readme.rtf file for further instructions.

Warning: We have seen an instance where one single clip showed 'Offline'. This is not normal and leads to very abnormal test results. Please check that none of the clips used show 'Offline".

The detailed results will be published in the BENCHMARK RESULTS in the left column.

Yes, you are running a script and if you have an anti-virus program it may warn you against doing so. But it is harmless as many people have looked at it and so should you.

When you have run the benchmark, following the instructions to the letter (hint: print the ReadMe file and use it when running the test, so no errors are made), go to the Submit Results page and fill out all the questions asked. If you have less than two physical disks, you can't submit your data. In that case, contact us by e-mail rather than submitting bogus data.

You may wonder why the submission form includes a security code. That is a simple but effective protection against spam bots, both in your and our interest.

WARNING: If incomplete test results are submitted, we reserve the right to withhold publication.

Incomplete data corrupt the validity of the results.

This can be because MPE off results were omitted, hardware data are incomplete or other relevant data were left out. It is in your own interest to be complete when submitting data.

Thanks for your cooperation.